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Perfect Outdoor Portable Spas Hot Tubs
IQue High Quality Spas

Professional Manufacturer of High Quality Spas Designed from the ground by professionals with over 25 years experience within the Hot Tub spa and pool industry. It is usually the things you don’t see that make the difference between just functional and exceptional performance. Let us introduce the new series of perfect outdoor spa and Hot tubs.

A)    We start from the basic, the spa shell. Made from ICI Lucite absolutely the best quality sanitary grade high density cross- link acrylic available, reinforced in two steps for superior strength and durability.

B)     Triple Thermal Insulation, extremely energy efficient save you money.

C)    Contour seating with form-fitting design gives plenty of room for any size soaker.

D)    Environment friendly and maintenance free skirt made of recycled plastic material gives your spa Hot tub the look and feel of professional finished wood. Special ultraviolet inhibitors added during the production process ensure that the wood grain coloration retains its rich natural look with the glossy surface weathering to a matte finish with the look of natural wood. Just swap it with a wet sponge and that’s all maintenance you need for keeping it clean and glossy.

IQUE insulated Spa cover
 1 Our spa covers adopt high-level artificial leather after special waterproof treatment, which are damp proof, mildew proof and ultraviolet-proof.

2 High Density 100% Virgin Insulating Foam Core
Specially formulated for superior insulation and strength. Produced with 1.5 lbs or 2 lbs density foam.

3 Heat Sealed Moisture Barrier
Barrier providing protection against premature moisture absorption.

4 20 Gauge Aluminum C-Channel
Lighter, extra strength and corrosion proof, ensuring structural integrity for the life of cover.

5 Energy Efficient
Enhanced insulating power to reduce heating cost.

6 Corrosion Proof Nylon Zipper

Large #8 zipper with protective flap will not corrode or pull apart.

7 Protective Custom Fitted Tapered Skirt

Creating an air tight seal to protect against dust, dirt, wind and environmental contaminants

8 Superior Steam Sealer
Provide a tight seal at the edge of the hinge, preventing heat and steam loss.

9 Spa Handles
Sturdy handles for easy handling. Available with two or four handles.

10 Child Resistant Lock Down Straps
4 durable lock down straps with keys. Exceeds ASTM requirements for safety and security

11 Quality Warranty
Ique warrants your spa cover for 2 years against any defect in material or workmanship.

IQUE Power Directional and Spinning Jets


This is an area that is totally subjective. That is, some people wouldn't consider a hot tub that didn't provide lots of powerful massage while others are satisfied with very little water movement as they steep in the hot water.

Types of Jets You'll find a wide variety of hydrotherapyjets. The common thread is that they all mix air with pressurized water to produce a massaging effect. You will need to look for the combination of jets that will feel best on your body.

Jet Placement – This is a critical point that many spa shoppers neglect until it's too late. When you are sitting comfortably in each seat, the jet stream(s) should impact your body's major muscle groups—not your bones. Make sure the spa features jets positioned to massage the area(s) where your muscles are typically the most tense or fatigued.

Adjustability The better spas and hot tubs have features that allow you to customize the massage by regulating the amount of air and/or water supplied to either individual jets or groups of jets. Restricting or turning off the water flow to some of the spa jets makes the pressure from the remaining spa jets stronger for a more forceful massage.

Therapy Jets - very popular hot tub jets, with powerful directional streams. These are easily controllable to give you just the right amount of massage. Turn the outer ring to open or close the jet to control the power, and the nozzle can be adjusted by simply touching it and pointing it to the desired location on your body.


Spinning Jets - pamper you with swirling massage. The nozzle design swirls the water around in a circular pattern, giving you an overall massage in a wide area. Power from the jet is also controlled by turning the outer ring to open or close the jet stream.


Whirl Jets - large round jets that are particularly good for those with special therapy needs. Each has the power of up to 6 Therapy Jets or 12 Pinpoint Jets. Whirl Jets are an absolute must if you need warm water jet massage therapy.


Whirl Jets - Diverting - the same size and functionality as the standard whirlpool jet, but with the addition of a diverting mechanism that permits you to direct the water flow to other jets in the spa. The outer ring turns to open the jet all the way for maximum whirlpool flow, or turn it to additional settings to divert water to different sections of the spa.


Pinpoint Jets - pinpoint and soothe individual joints. These are smaller than the rest of the jets, but they are very powerful. When clustered together and positioned properly, you will get a one-of-a-kind massage. Individually adjustable


Pulsating Jets - gently knead tired muscles. The same size as the Pinpoint Jet, but includes the unique ability to pulsate. Imagine the feeling of the magical fingers of a master masseuse. Individually adjustable.



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